Thursday, March 11, 2010

Turtlenecks are hot...

This is so awesome. I have to admit that this show fascinates me! How can 25 girls all fall in love with the same guy? I don't think it is possible, especially when the one guy that 25 girls are supposed to fall in love with dresses like this... and believe me there are many more I just couldn't find pictures of them on google images.

Jake has really good style. Click here to see it in action.


I am excited for the Bachelorette coming up with Allie!

Best Rolls Ever!

These are a staple in our house for Sunday dinner! They are pretty amazing, who can back me up here? Anyone want the recipe?


Photos by Allison Hansen

P.S I am suddenly very conscience of all my grammar and spelling mistakes, I used to think I was good at that stuff but anyways...I swear I go to college! (crap is that the right use of conscience!?)


Costco has really big bags of things. My mom and I went to Costco yesterday looking for healthy snacks because we are not going on diets we are just choosing to eat healthy things! My mom says that if you tell your body you are on a diet your body will rebel and just want more don't go on diets! Ok so we bought a huge bag of blueberries! Here are the recipes I have come up with so far...

Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins!


Ok here is my favorite, I seriously died when we tried it! (my family got really sick of me saying "guys common don't you love it!?) I wanted more credit but anyways, it is totally healthy and soo good!

Blueberry-Banana Smoothie!



Lots of Blueberries
Vanilla yogurt (I used one Activia which is my favorite)
1 Banana
More Milk
Spoonful of cottage cheese
1 Tablespoon vanilla ice cream (still healthy cause it makes a lot and so thats only like a teaspoon of ice cream once its all divided)

I guess its more of a milk shake but whatever its amazing!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Magazine Chains!

I live in what feels like a 10 ft by 5 ft dorm room (measurements not to scale) with white cinder block walls with fake stick on wood closet and desk, very small and very ghetto. That was very depressing, I actually love it! I don't need a lot of space and with such a tiny little place I have done so good at keeping it clean (my mom never thought that would happen considering the permanent condition of my room at home). I have done all I can to decorate the extremely modern, anthropology, urban outfittery walls, or at least thats how I like to look at them. I made mini paper chains out of vogue, nordstrom, and allure magazine pages that caught my attention, then hung them up in totally random designs, here are the pictures!





Here is the whole view with my cute new shelf/cabinet thing!:


Monday, January 18, 2010

New Dress for Allie!

So me, my mom, and Al went to a fabric store over the break and started all doing our own projects. There was one fabric that we picked out and when we went up to cut it the lady loved it so much that she saved the rest for herself. I already made a pillow out of this fabric (will post that later) and had so much left over that I decided to make a little dress out of it! I got this idea from mymamamadeit blog. It isn't completely finished but when I finally got Allie to try it on I thought it would be good to just take the pictures and be done with it now. Plus I have to get back to Provo! Ok well here are the pictures!

"Al do a model pose"

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blogging Amateur

I do not know exactly how to begin a blog, so here it goes... My name is Megan, I am a Freshman at BYU. I love school and am finally getting the hang of things. I live in a very plain, boring place and have been working to make it unique in any way that I can. Thats what my blog will consist of, different tips and ideas on how to make a place away from home feel a little bit more like home...and make it cute!